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Today, we celebrate the founding of Uzesta. Our mission and vision is full of enthusiasm and energy, to seize our opportunities and challenges. Uzesta sets out on the voyage of “Happy Health”.

Uzesta has rich global experience, strong background and ambitious ideals. We believe in the philosophy of simplicity, balance and service.We strive to become a company that creates a positive impact on the world.

Uzesta promotes only the highest quality products, with cutting-edge product technology. Our team offers exceptional service, an excellent rewards program, and strong industry resources. Together with our business partners, customers, and Uzesta’s corporate team, we start a new journey, to continue a story of love, harmony and compassion.


Our Mission: To deliver Happy Health

Our Vision: Uzesta Global strives to be a global leader in brand recognition and service.

We are committed to becoming a company that creates a positive impact on the world

Strong Global Strategic Partner

Base Media Capital Singapore PTE. LTD.

(hereinafter referred to as BMS) is established BASE MEDIA CAPITAL in accordance with the relevant regulations of Variable Capital Company in Singapore. 

Uzesta and Singaporean Consortium of Abundant Financial Resources Launch Global Strategic Collaboration.

Registered and approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), it is a capital management fund that invests in multinational projects and manages hundreds of millions of assets.

Base Fx, a BMS-related company, operates the world’s top film and television media concerns. It has many studios around the world. Its works have been nominated for multiple Oscar Awards and won three Emmy Awards. Base Fx has invested in many major productions from Hollywood and in the production of more than 200 movies, including “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Transformer 4”, “Star War 7”, and “Aquaman”, etc. It is a top media concern for Hollywood.

BMS has abundant funds and resources all over the world. Uzesta Global has joined forces with BMS to form a strategic alliance and build a world-class enterprise.

Board Director of Uzesta

Professional Leadership Demonstrate Superior Corporate Competitiveness


Bryant graduated from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, a top 10 university in the world. He received a master’s degree in business management, strategy and finance. After that, he worked as the chief consultant of Mercer Management Consulting. Mercer is the largest consulting company of human capital management in the world, as well as the world’s largest consulting company of institutional investment. Its entrusted assets exceed US$200 billion. It is recognized as one of the world’s leading business organizations.

Bryant is great at strategy execution and has been deeply involved in the Asia Pacific markets for a long time. After living in Singapore and China for more than 19 years, he has developed a deep understanding of Asian culture. He is well versed in both Chinese and Western cultures and fluent in Mandarin, which grants him instant access to the markets.

Bryant’s work has achieved brilliant results. During his time as the general manager of Southeast Asia and China for Tahitian Noni, a US company ranked among Top 50 in the industry, he successfully expanded its business in the Asia-Pacific market. At the same time, he laid down the important framework to apply for the direct sales license in China.

Bryant has not only brought his take-charge leadership to the market, but also achieved a balanced leadership with the characteristics of sincerity, respect for others, and trust building. He is the best example for delivering the Uzesta culture.

Sampson Chu

Sampson Chu

Sampson holds an EMBA degree from National Chiao Tung University of Taiwan, and he has more than 34 years of experience in network marketing companies.

He is a professional manager who worked for 3M and Avon, helped the companies achieve high-yield performance, and was highly recognized for his outstanding work. Later, he was invited to serve as the general manager of the Greater China region and the vice president of Southeast Asia for international companies, such as Shaklee Asia, SYNERGY Worldwide, eXfuze and OG Coffee. He has good operations experience in the Asian market and successfully helped the companies make stable profits, increase brand value, and lay down solid foundations.

In addition, Sampson has outstanding performance in the field of legal affairs and governmental public relations. His ability is highly respected in the industry. He is considered a superior leader in the network marketing industry.


  • ●  Direct Selling Association (DSA) – one of the main founders
  • ●  Chinese Academy of Direct Selling Management (CADSM) – one of the main founders
  • ●  MLM Association – first Director
  • ●  Direct Selling Think Tank Association (DSTTA) — Expert Researcher of Industry
  • ●  Taiwan Law Association of Direct Selling (TLADS) – current Vice Chairman

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